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Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you are having a great day! Today I want to share with you the story of my friend Nita who just made this card last night. She was introduced to Stampin' Up two years ago at one of my workshops. Although she enjoyed herself and she did purchase a few stamps, she wasn't exactly sold on stamping and card making. She gave up on the idea that she was creative. Flash forward to two weeks ago. On one of visits with me, Nita brought her old Stampin' Up Catalog and declared she wanted to be more "girlie". We laughed at her terminology and I gave her the current catalog. She then decided that she would try stamping again and I helped her put together a starter card making kit with products from Stampin' Up. While waiting on her supplies to arrive, I had a one on one beginning card making class with Nita and to her surprise, she made not one, but two cards in less than 30 minutes. She couldn't believe how easy it was. Then delivery day came on yesterday. I went through each of the items that she ordered and she took her bag home with a smile. I reminded her that she was creative and she had everything she needed to get started. To my surprise, she came to work today with a card she did all by herself. She said she still need to tweak a couple of things, but she was excited that she did it! I was so happy for her and I think she did a great job! I know that this post is long, but for all of you Nita's of the world, this goes to show you that stamping and card making is not only easy, but fun! Ask Nita who is already planning her next card! Enjoy!

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