Happy Birthday Card and Gifts!

Happy Sunday Everyone! This one is special because it's my birthday! I am really amazed at how time flies when you add another digit. However, I know that I'm also truly blessed to be here and have friends, family and each of you who take the time to visit my blog. My very dear friend and fellow demonstrator Barb, made me this beautiful Easel Birthday Card and got me Vera Bradley in my favorite color orange! She always gives me the most thoughtful gifts that she knows I will love. Plus, did you notice the elephant? Thank you so much Barb for all you do! I wish everyone a great day as the one that I am having! Enjoy!


  1. So funny, was checking my blog subscriptions and up pops the circle card. glad you like- you deserve the best. Happy Birthday!

  2. It was a wonderful birthday!You know I'm going to have to case your card:)


Thank you for your kind words!

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