Tuesday Tool - Cutter Kit

Hi Everyone! It's Tuesday and our tool of the day is the Cutter Kit. Portable, the Cutter Kit is multi-purposed. You can use it as a rotary cutter, perforating tool, scoring tool, and a 7-sided distressing tool. It's perfect for projects on the go.

Features & Benefits

  • Includes a paper distressing tool and 3 mini rotary tools: Cutting tool Perforating tool Scoring tool

  • Tools are attached to a key chain and packaged in a vinyl zip lock pouch for easy portability


Always use the Cutting Mat to protect your work surfaces.

These tools are very sharp, so please handle with caution.

The cutting tool in the Cutter Kit is small, so it is not intended to replace your paper cutter.

This is a convenient way to take along a cutter, scorer, and perforator for those easy quick cuts.

A thin metal ruler works best with these cutters.

If you would like to order the Stampin' Up Cutter Kit, click here. Enjoy!

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