What's Up! Wednesday - Purple 3D Embossing Folder Plate Quick Tip And Embossing Sandwich

Happy Hump Day Everyone! I have a Quick Tip I learned for Remembering which Stampin' Up! 3D Embossing Folders need the Purple 3D Embossing Folder Plate to work in your Die Cutting Machine. First, use a Label Maker to add the Name to each 3D Embossing Folder in your inventory. Next, add a "3D Folders" Label to the Purple Plate. Finally, adhere a Color Coded Sticky Label to not only the Purple Plate but also the 3D Folders as well. You can find these in your local Dollar Store. No more guessing which plate goes with which embossing folder. Easy Peasy!

To create your emboss sandwich:

  • Use a die-cutting & embossing machine platform as a base; no matter which machine you’re using, use the standard platform which comes with your machine.
  • Use the 3D Embossing Folder with your paper in the middle.
  • Then use the Purple 3D Embossing Folder Plate on top.

Happy Stamping!

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