Tidy Up Tuesday - Clean and Sharpen Stampin' Up! Paper Snips!

Good Morning Everyone! It's Tidy Up Tuesday and my focus is on Cleaning and Sharpening Stampin' Up! Paper Snips. These small, thin-bladed Scissors are perfect for all your paper trimming needs. The precision-ground tips allow for cutting all the way to the end of the blades. Plus, the comfort-grip handle and safety cover blade guard protects you and your projects for being cut. Over time, the blades on the Paper Snips not only get dull, but also become sticky with residue. The Tutorial below will show you how to clean and sharpen the Paper Snips back into perfection!

Clean and Sharpen Stampin' Up! Paper Snips

1. You will need the Paper Snips, 1 Bottle of Goo Gone, 1 piece of Aluminum Foil, and 1 sheet of  a Paper Towel or a rag.

2. Pour a little bit of the Goo Gone on the Paper Towel and thoroughly clean the Blades, Handles and Safety Cap. Dry any excess oil left.

3. Your Paper Snips should now be nice and clean.

4. Next, take the sheet of Aluminum Foil and double it over.

5. Make several cuts along the edges of the Foil.

6.Your Paper Snips should now be Sharpened.

Happy Stamping!

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