Tuesday Tool - Stampin' Scissors (Cutting Perfection!)

Paper Snips

Fringe Scissors

Good Morning Everyone! Today's Tuesday Tools are the Stampin' Up! Scissors. You may say "scissors are scissors", but not all scissors are created alike. Stampin' Up! Scissors are divided into two categories: Paper Snips, and Fringe Scissors. Let's explore each one.

Paper Snips:
  • Used for cutting out intricate shapes that have lines and corners.
  • Can reach in the smallest of areas.
  • Excellent for cutting ribbon.

Fringe Scissors:
  • Make fringe, grass trim, or turn and cut criss-cross for confetti with just a few snips.
  • Works best if you insert paper to the center of scissors and stop cutting before you reach the tips.

As you can see, each pair of scissors has many benefits and uses. I have both pairs and they are well loved!

If you would like to purchase any of the Stampin' Up! Scissors, click here

Happy Stamping!

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