Tuesday Tool - Stampin' Up! Trimmer Rotary Addition And Cutting Blades (Decorative Edges In A Snap!)

Good Morning Everyone! Today's Tuesday Tool is a must for your paper craft arsenal especially if you have the Stampin' Up Trimmer. It the Stampin' Trimmer Rotary Addition and extra Cutting Blades to take your projects to a new level! By easily switching the rotary track and flipping the cutting mat on the Stampin' Up Trimmer, you transform it to a rotary cutter that will make a variety of cuts and decorative edges.

Features and Benefits:

Stampin’ Trimmer Rotary Addition

  •  Turns the Stampin’ Trimmer into a rotary cutter
  •  Replaces the v-blade cutting track on the Stampin’ Trimmer so you can use rotary cutting cartridges
  •  Includes track, rotary handle, and straight-edge blade cartridge
  •  Can be used with decorative rotary cartridges (sold separately)
  • Instructions included

Stampin’ Trimmer Rotary Cutting Blades

  •  Use with the Stampin’ Trimmer and Stampin’ Trimmer Rotary Addition
  •  Decorative and straight-edge cutting cartridges available
  • Straight-edge includes 2 cartridges per package
  • Decorative-edge includes 1 cartridges per package

Watch the video below to see the Stampin' Up Trimmer Rotary Addition in action!

If you would like to purchase the Stampin' Up Trimmer Rotary Addition or Cutting Blades, click here.

Happy Stamping!

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