Friday Freebie - Stampin' Up Comfort Cafe Father's Day Shirt Card Tutorial

Happy Friday Everyone! As promised, today I will be sharing how to make this Father's Day Card using the Stampin' Up Comfort Cafe Designer Series Paper. There are very few materials involved, and warning, you will be addicted and want to make several!

For this tutorial, I will show how to make the shirt using solid card stock and designer paper for the tie.

You will need: one sheet of card stock (I used Midnight Muse), one sheet of designer paper (I used Comfort Cafe), a paper trimmer, and brads (I used Metal Brads and Antique Brads from Stampin' Up).

1. Cut the Midnight Muse card stock at 4" x 5 1/4".

2. Score the Midnight Muse 5/8" from the top.

3. Cut in 1" from both sides on the score lines.

4. Find the center and fold the ends in.

5. Set your shirt base aside and cut a piece of Comfort Cafe Designer Paper at 4" x 4".

 6. Pick the pattern you want and put it face down. Fold the sides corner to corner.

7. Fold sides in again to the center line like making a paper airplane.

8. Fold the point down 1" in the center.

9. Fold the tip of the point up half way and fold over. Open it up and take the smaller point and tuck behind.

10. Turn the designer paper over and fold the sides in to the center line.

11. Your are now have your designer paper tie.

12. Use glue dots to attach the tie to the card stock base and add metal brads to the collar.

Happy Stamping!


  1. Lisa, Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful tutorial! Such a great card!

  2. You're Welcome Cherie! I hope the directions were easy to follow.

  3. Oh darling!!! We made something like this one year. Yours is really cute. Thanks for the tutorial. I might try it for my workshop. Really great colors!

  4. Thanks Barb! Try it out. This card is easy and fast to create!


Thank you for your kind words!

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