Tuesday Tool - Stampin' Up Wheel Guide

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Stampin' Up's Stampin' Around Wheel Guide is our tool of the day. With this Guide and the Stampin' Around Wheels, you can make perfect background papers and borders without them being crooked. The Guide also has rubber feet to keep it from sliding around on your project and works with both the regular and jumbo wheels.

Besides the obvious use, here are some "out of the box" ideas for the Stampin' Around Wheel Guide:

  • Use it as a ruler for straight lines or to measure space for scrapbooking to be sure letters of the alphabet fit.
  • Use it as a guide for stamping tiles to keep the row straight.
  • Turn it over and use it with imaging sheets to use as a Stamp-A -Ma -Jig
  • Use it to tear paper when wanting a straighter tearing line than what you get with a tearing edge ruler.

If you would like to purchase the Stampin' Around Wheel Guide, click here. Enjoy!

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