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Happy Thursday Everyone! My Thursday Tip has two great ways to organize your Scraps. I know I have lots of them is all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes. Because Stampin' Up products coordinate with each other, I never throw my scraps away. It's also easy to make a quick card or project when I can see and pull from my organized scraps.

Tip # 1 - I brought an expandable file that has about 13 or so divisions with tabs for labeling and I store all of my scraps in the little compartments. My particular file have the compartments already colored by reds, blues, greens, and so forth. I use the last compartment for scraps that are from patterned background paper. This system works great and now I don't have to search through such a mess each time I need a scrap. By the way I use the gallon size Ziploc Baggies for each color.

Tip # 2 - For prepunched shapes like the ones from Stampin' Up Punches, or Sizzix dies, I keep them separated in small plastic jars I found at a local store. These are shapes like circles, squares, butterflies, or any other ones I have left over or use the most. You can also use an empty ice cube tray that will also hold other small embellishments. They stack easy and increase your storage with easy to see items.

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