Thursday Tip

Happy Thursday Everyone! Today I have a few tips to help with Craft Room Organization. I'm always trying to manage what I have in the space I have available. It's an ongoing process, but I find my creative juices flow smoother when my tools and other products are where I can see them easily. Enjoy!

One of my favorite organizational items is an over the door shoe holder. I have a clear one that I put punches in. Others things like embellishments, and embossing powders will fit as well.

For an embossing gun holder, use a doll stand. Be sure to glue a 4 x 4 piece of heavy cardboard or something to the base to give it balance. Now you'll have a way to use two hands freely under it with your project.

For cord control, use those claw-like hair clips. They look like two jaws coming together. The medium size ones work great and not only is it easy to bundled the cord quickly, but also do a quick release when it is in use. These clips can be found in the local dollar store.

Cleaned out baby food containers make nice embellishment holders.

Also keep your odds and ends pieces of ribbon in pretty clear jars. This way it will be easy to see what you have.

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