Tuesday Tool - Stampin' Up Stampin' Sponges

Good Morning Everyone! Today's Tuesday Tool is the Stamping Sponges. They come three in a package and are excellent for applying ink to your creative projects for a soft, daubed look by sponging around the edges of cardstock. You can also cut the sponges into wedges so you will have one for each Stampin' Up Color. To keep them organized, take the Stampin' Up Tab Punch and punch cardstock to match the color of each sponge and staple it to the top of each wedge.

Features & Benefits

  • Superb for sponging ink onto projects

  • Approximately 2-3/4" diameter

  • 3 per package


These sponges are large enough that you can use different sides for different colors. Or you can cut the sponge into wedges. Rinse out after each use.

If you would like to purchase the Stamping Sponges, click here. Enjoy!

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