Thursday Tip

Good Morning Everyone! Are you ready for another Thursday Tip? I have several to keep your stamping and papercrafting tools and work area clean. Enjoy!

  • Fantastic cleaner ( in the spray bottle) works best for removing the remnants of double-sided tape. You may have to spray some of the cleaner and let it sit for 5 - 10 minutes.

  • If you wish to wash your sponge daubers, put them in one of those little baskets that holds small things in your dishwater and run them through a cycle.

  • Also, to clean your Stampin' Scrub pad, remove the pads and them in the top rack of your dishwasher. TURN OFF THE HEAT DRY, and run it through a cycle. All nice and clean and fluffy again!

  • Use regular nail polish remover or plain old rubbing alcohol to clean your scissors. They will be good as new!

  • Spray your wood blocks with a matte sealant before you mount your stamps. It will help keep ink from staining the wood and will easily scrub off.

  • Shout will get dye based ink out of clothes. Do not put the clothes in the dryer until they are completely clean or the ink will be heat set.

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