Saturday Tip

Happy Saturday Everyone! I am sorry for the late post this week, but I have been under the weather with my allergies and a bad cough. Hopefully, I can kick this before Spring Break:) Since I did not post my Thursday Tip, I'm sharing it today. Enjoy!

For Faux Stitching or even just to pre-punch the holes for a brad, use a sewing machine needles. The end is thick and flat, so it is easy to hold. It is also good to use, along with a small paint brush, to get excess Embossing Powder off of the cardstock before heating - especially in small places like the centers of letters.

Use a piece of plastic canvas as a template for paper piercing. A 7" mesh rectangle will fit the front of a card. A square enables you to pierce and use a marker to "sew" zig zag, but ensure that you line it up carefully first and pierce every second line in two rows, then fill in with a marker. It's an inexpensive but effective tool.

Also, use a Uni-Ball White Gel Pen to draw stitches while using a clear ruler to guide it to go straight. Just making dashes (----------) will make your project fabulous!


  1. Hi Lisa, Thanks for the great tips! I hope you get feeling better soon!

  2. You are so sweet Cherie! My allergies are in overdrive! I have some sinus medicine, but it's slowly working. I plan to get some rest over Spring Break!


Thank you for your kind words!

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