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Happy, Happy Thursday Everyone! Have you made plans for the weekend? If not, please join me for my Punch Art Part Two Class that will be held on Saturday. We will be making a set of cards using the Stampin' Up Punches and the Stampin' Up Teeny Tiny Wishes Stamp Set. It will be lots of fun and you will not only leave with your cards, but the individual directions for each one. If you are interested, please email me as soon as possible.
Now for today's Thursday Tip. Actually, there are two tips to help you with tying different products which often is a cause of stampin' frustration:)
Tip #1
  • If you need to pull thread or yarn through a punched hole and don't have a needle, use dental floss. Double the floss over to make a loop and feed the ends through the hole. Open the loop and insert the ends of your thread or yarn and then pull the loop and thread or yarn through the hole, kind of like a lasso. This works great! Make sure you use a long enough piece of floss to get a good grip to pull on it.
Tip #2
  • If you want to tie ribbon around a card and tie a perfect bow, wrap the ribbon around the card two complete rotations. Then cut the ribbon there. This will give you the perfect amount to tie the ribbon in a perfect bow without an inch of waste.
Have a great day, and as always, if you have a tip you would like to share, please let me know. Enjoy!

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