Thursday Tip

Good Thursday Morning Everyone! Are you ready for another Thursday Tip? This one uses something that we all have in our laundry rooms, dryer sheets! Not only will they freshen your clothes, but you can get extra savings from used sheets by using them in your papercrating! Enjoy!

  • Wipe down your table or work area with a used dryer sheet before you work with "messy" substances like glitter or embossing powder to make clean up easier. Static is reduced and fine particles don't stick as badly.
  • Wipe the interior of your tidy tray with a used dryer sheet to make glitter, embossing powder, or whatever flow effortlessly back into your container without sticking.
  • When making shaker cards with acetate window sheets, wipe the acetate with used dryer sheet to eliminate static. No more problems with sand, glitter, microbeads, or whatever your shaking material is sticking to the window.

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