Christmas Card Tip #4 - Card Focal Point

Hi Everyone! I hope you are in the stages of planning and or making your Christmas Cards. Remember a card is a handmade hug! What makes a great card? The most important aspect of it or any project you are working on, is the focal point. On a scrapbook page the focal point should be a photo, but on a card, you need to choose one main image or a small group of images.

How to choose your focal point:

Choose an image that you want to have the most attention. You can pick a large stamp that will capture the attention of anyone who looks at it or you can choose something small and do something special to bring attention to it as well.

How to bring attention:

"Warm" colors come forward and "cool" colors go back. If you want something to stand out, put it on a warm color (reds, oranges, yellows, pinks) the brighter the intensity of the color, the more attention it will get. To make things such as a background go back or recede, choose a cool color ( blues, greens) or do something with a neutral color.

Do something "special" to your focal point. You can emboss it with gold when nothing else on the card is embossed, use pearl ex to make it shine, spray it with pearl ex spray, color it with beautiful colors and leave the background plain, stamp the background with the same color, or only stamped off one or two times.

Matting is a great way to bring attention to your focal point. Use two or three different colors of matting under your focal point. Vary the size of the matting as well as the colors, this adds interest.

Change the shape of your focal point. Use your Circle Scissor Plus to cut circles... it is a little more interesting than the normal old square. Make sure you neatly cut the little "bridges" that are left after you cut.

Use corner punches to add interest if you are using a basic square or rectangle shape. The punches add interest in the focal point, not to mention the product that makes the corners.

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