Stampin' Up Bugs and Kisses Card! Thank You Barb!

Hi Everyone! Thank you for all of my birthday wishes! I had a great day. The only thing that went wrong, was that my internet went down for the weekend. My connection was finally fixed today, hence my very late post. This week, I am sharing pictures of cards my friends stamped and sent to me. Today's card is from my dear friend Barb! She used the Stampin' Up Bugs and Kisses Stamp Set. Isn't it beautiful?
Since I need to go through a lot of email, regroup and be focused for the first day of school when students return this week, I may be slow with my posts. Please be patient with me as I will have some new projects I will be posting soon from my upcoming class on vellum. Stay tuned! Enjoy!


  1. This is really cute; another cute birthday card from friends - that's so nice! I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Lisa!


Thank you for your kind words!

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