Freestyle Friday - What Product Do You Think Has Made the Most Impact on Papercrafting?

Hi Everyone! Time for another edition of Freestyle Friday! As I look around my craft area to reorganize yet again, I take note of all the products I use in cardmaking, scrapbooking, and papercrafting. I think back to when I got started many years ago where there was only paper, stickers and a few tools for cutting out shapes. My have we come along way! Now there are embellishments made out of a wide variety of materials, cardstock in every color, shape, and size, mists, sprays, cutting tools, binding tools, stamps, inks, die cut machines. embossing machines, and the list goes on and on.

That got me to thinking, which product has made the most impact on papercrafting? As I began to tally it in my head, it became harder to decide. Many products had been popular once, and now had become more than a mere memory or reject in a close out store. Some that had been forgotten were brought back for a second life in new packaging. And yet others are waiting to be released. Weighing everything for one final time, I decided for me that die cutting machines had made the greatest impact on the papercrafting industry. Now I'm not naming one machine over the other but simply saying that when these machines hit the market, a whole new world was released. Papercrafters were given unlimited freedom in what they could create which continues on today.

So what do you think? What Product has made the most impact on papercrafting? Don't forget to leave a comment, you might just be surprised!

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  1. Oh, Lisa - good question. You know, I agree with you about the die cutting machines because there are so many out there and they all do so many different things. This is definitely a change from when I first started too - just gluing paper onto paper and stickers being the main embellishment. But I also think the paper itself has changed. Look at the beautiful designs we now have. I can remember when birthday paper was the hottest. Now, everyday papers make a difference...I think that's why I'm such a paper fiend. Heehee


Thank you for your kind words!

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