Freestyle Friday - What Is Your Favorite Papercrafting Magazine?

Hi Everyone! It's the weekend and time for another edition of Freestyle Friday! I have to tell you that I'm very addicted to different papercrafting magazines. Often when I'm in crafting stores, big box stores, and book stores, this is one of the first things that I look at. There are so many ideas and tips that I end of buying 2 or 3 at a time. I keep telling myself that I need to just get a subscription, but it's so hard to choose. So here is my question for you. What is your favorite papercrafting magazine and why? Your answers can help me control my clutter and make my purse feel very happy!


  1. I've narrowed mine down to just two - Paper Crafts and Card Making since that's what I usually concentrate on. Like you, I know I should just get a subscription...I procrastinate. I love what they do to inspire me, though - they have easy crafts that I've made and prefer the less complicated ones.

  2. Excellent choices Terry! I like Paper Crafts and Card Maker too! However, I know it still won't stop me from buying the other magazines as well:)

  3. Paper Crafts and Cardmaking are my fave's and sometimes I renew my Card Maker subscription. They do inspire me, however, I find more interesting projects on Pinterest! Lately I've just narrowed the magazine's down to Cardmaking subscription. It's always nice to have a "magazine" surprise come in the mail!

    1. It's sad now that some of the magazines are no longer available. Like you, I love to look at Pinterest a lot for inspiration. I still get Card Maker from time to time, and there are few magazines from the U.K. that I like as well!


Thank you for your kind words!

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