Freestyle Friday - Do Your Friends and Family Understand Your Papercrafting Hobby?

Hi Everyone! It's Freestyle Friday! Today's topic is something I experience quite often. Do your friends and family understand your papercrafting hobby? I Love, Love, Love Papercrafting! I am always looking at books, magazines, and surfing the internet when I can for anything papercraft related. I visit craft stores even on vacation:) Most of friends enjoy what I create, but several of them don't truly understand why I do it. There is always the "isn't it easier to buy a card from a store" remark to the "it's just paper" comment. They think I've lost my mind when I fawn over a new stamp set or I'm excited to get a new embossing folder. They question why I have so many paper punches, ink pads, and die cutting machines.

I try to explain that papercrafting has always been apart of me. That I love taking a piece of paper from scratch and turning it into a card, a scrapbook page or a gift. Accordingly, I enjoy giving my creation to someone just to put a smile on their face. The process is just as important as the finished project One of my favorite quotes is "A Handmade Card is a Hug with a fold in the middle". What about you? Do your friends and family understand why you papercraft?

Don't forget to leave a comment, you might just be surprised!

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  1. Most of my friends don't understand my love of papercrafting, they think I spend too much money on my hobby.

    I will keep papercrafting it's what I love and it keeps me sane. LOL!


Thank you for your kind words!

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