Tuesday Tool - Circle Scissors Plus

Hi Everyone! Today's Tuesday Tool is the Circle Scissors Plus. You can easily make circles of various sizes with this tool. It works well with the Glass Mat and replacement blades are available for purchase.

Features & Benefits

  • Quickly draws or cuts out perfect circles

  • Adjusts to make circles from 1" to 6"

  • Easily cuts through paper and card stock

  • Large, 11" base with gripper feet ensures that tool doesn’t slip

  • Includes Base 2 cutting blades Cutting handle Adjustable drawing handle; will adjust to fit standard pen and pencil sizes; works great with Stampin’ Write markers

  • Blade can be replaced without touching

  • Includes instructions for cutting, drawing, and changing the blade

  • Replacement blades available (sold separately; 3 per package)

Making perfect circles has never been simpler! I used to draw circles the hard way—I’d find a lid or jar that was the size I needed for my circle, then I’d trace around it. Now all I do is put my pen in the tool and turn the handle. I end up with a perfect circle every time—no more squiggly lines! And cutting a circle is just as easy. All I do is select the circle size and turn the cutting handle. The circles come out perfectly every time, with no jagged edges.

Quick Trick

If you love the look of circle frames, you don’t need to buy separate die-cut circle frames or rings. When cutting rings, cut the smaller circle, or the center of the ring, first, and then don’t move the cutter. Make sure it stays in place while you adjust the size for the outside circle of your ring, and then cut again. Keeping the cutter in place the whole time is the key to making perfect rings. You’ll end up with a custom frame or ring in the size and color you want.
For a great look, you can cut circles of different sizes in coordinating paper and layer them on your scrapbook pages.


  • Always use with Glass Mat. Using the Circle Scissor Plus with a self-healing mat may result in poor results. Glass mats allow the blade to "float" across the cutting surface for a cleaner, better cut.

  • For best results, cut though a single sheet of paper or card stock at a time.
    You may want to adhere your paper to the Glass Mat with temporary adhesive to prevent it from slipping on the mat.

  • The gripper base is not sized to fully grip the edges of anything smaller than 6", and you may find your smaller pieces of paper spinning around instead of cutting. To cut paper smaller than 6", lightly tack it to the Glass Mat using temporary adhesive.

  • The Circle Scissor Plus works most smoothly when you’re standing up and when you keep your arm parallel to the tool. This helps distribute the weight and pressure on the cutter evenly, resulting in the cleanest cut and most perfect circle.

  • Cut at a regular speed-you don't need to cut slowly or quickly. Also, use light pressure—you don't need to push down hard.

If you would like to purchase the Circle Scissors Plus, click here. Enjoy!

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