Freestyle Friday - What Occasion Do You Send The Most Cards?

Hi Everyone! I missed last week's Freestyle Friday Question, but I'm ready for today. As I was organizing my ever growing stash of greeting cards, I noticed I had more of one occasion than the others. Was I being lazy by ignoring the other occasions, or did I just like making a particular type of card?
Then it occurred to me! Birthdays were just easier for me to try to keep up with. However, that's not an excuse to not send other cards like Thinking of You and Get Well Soon. Slowly but surely, I will challenge myself to have multiple cards for a variety of greetings even ones that haven't always been in existence. What about you? What Occasion do you send the most cards? Don't forget to leave a comment, you just might be surprised!


  1. Hi Lisa, this is a great question and made me think how I do not usually put a sentiment on my cards - that I keep them blank. That way, it is easy for me to add something inside for the special occasion. By doing so, I do have a number of blank cards I've been able to use for whatever comes up. However, I do think I should customize some of them and make them sentimental. :-)

  2. Im mostly a birthday and Christmas type of card girl. Although I do make others, I rarely send them out. I guess I should start doing that. Thanks for making me think about this.

  3. I mostly send birthday cards! I have several cards in my stash now that I left blank and figure I can quickly add a senitment as needed. Of course, what ends up happening is I just create a whole new card most times...and my stash remains the same.


Thank you for your kind words!

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