Freestyle Friday - What is Your Favorite Stamping Technique!

Hi Everyone! It's Freestyle Friday and today's question is What is your favorite Stamping Technique. With so many products and tools, you can distress, watercolor, emboss, chalk and mask among other things. Did you know baby wipes and shaving cream can be utilize to make a beautiful card?
My favorite technique is embossing. I can either dry emboss with embossing folders and brass plates or heat emboss with Versamark and Embossing Powder. Either way, I love the effect.
Your turn, what is your favorite Stamping Technique? Don't forget to leave a comment, you just might be surprised!


  1. Hi Lisa, Since I am not a "great stamper", the most used technique that I love to do is ink embossing. I love the effect it has after you put on the embossing powder and then heating it up - it really looks so cool. I love to dry emboss as well - the different folders really add great texture to a project!

  2. I LOVE them all! I get into phases of each though...depending on my mood at the time!

  3. I love to stamp ... but I NEVER have any luck with the heat embossing.

  4. I too like heat embossing and dry embossing! I love it all! LOL!


Thank you for your kind words!

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