Tuesday Tool - Stampin' Scrub

Hi Everyone! Today's Tuesday Tool is the Stampin' Scrub. Think of it as a washer and dryer for your stamps. Cleaning your stamps is a breeze. The pads are large enough for even the largest of background stamps. Lightly spray one pad with Stampin' Up's Stampin’ Mist and leave the other one dry. For best results, do not oversaturate the pad. Scrub your stamp on the damp pad, then rub it on the dry pad to remove any leftover ink and moisture. Now you’re ready to change colors and continue stamping or to put your stamps away. Cleaning the removable pads is a snap—just rinse out the pads and allow to air dry.

Features & Benefits:

  • Holds 2 removable black scrubbing pads (included

  • Stampin’ Scrub measures 7.41" x 6.69" x .485"

  • Heavy-duty polycarbonate or Cyrolite case

  • Exclusive Stampin’ Up! design

  • Replaceable pads

  • Refill pack includes 2 black pads, 5-3/4" x 7"

Tips for the Stampin' Scrub:

  • The case is not leak-proof. Stampin' Up recommends that you lightly dampen the pads with the Stampin’ Mist to avoid oversaturation, excess spattering when scrubbing the stamps, and leakage when transporting the closed case. Replacement cleaning pads are available, making it convenient for you to have an extra set so you can quickly replace them before leaving for your next workshop.

  • Rinse pads in clear water and air dry before first use to remove filaments left from manufacturing process. For best results, use a paper towel or a dry cloth to soak up water after rinsing.

  • Clean your pad regularly to avoid mixing ink colors.

  • Two symbols are embossed on the inside of the trays. An umbrella symbol on the top tray indicates the dry tray; three raindrops on the bottom tray indicate the wet tray.

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