Tuesday Tool - Scissors

Craft and Rubber Scissors

Paper Snips

Craft and Paper Scissors

Hi Everyone! Today's Tuesday Tool is the Stampin' Up Scissors. You may say "scissors are scissors", but not all scissors are created alike. Stampin' Up Scissors are divided into three categories: Craft and Rubber Scissors, Paper Snips, and Craft and Paper Scissors. Let's explore each one.

Craft and Rubber Scissors:

  • Cuts twine, thread, rubber, wire, and other hard objects.

  • Tips are magnetize which helps pick up smaller objects like brads

  • Great for cutting the ties on children's toys or cutting the tags out of clothing.

Paper Snips:

  • Used for cutting out intricate shapes that have lines and corners.

  • Can reach in the smallest of areas.

  • Excellent for cutting ribbon.

Craft and Paper Scissors:

  • Designed for multi-purpose cutting.

  • Makes clean and crisp cutting on paper, ribbon, and cardstock.

  • 3 3/4" blade length with an ergonomic handle.

If you would like to purchase any of the Stampin' Up Scissors, click here. Enjoy!

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