Tuesday Tool - Crop- A-Dile

Hi Everyone! Today's tool is the Crop A Dile. You can punch through chipboard, tin, and multiple layers with ease. One of the most important things to know about the Crop-A-Dile is how to set it for the item you want to do. The instructions came on the back of the package, but if you didn't save them (or can't find them), here is a cheat sheet for you.
1. Grab your Crop-A-Dile. Determine the necessary hold size. Set hole depth using the depth gauge near the punch. Insert paper, chipboard, leather, metal, or any material - thick or thin and punch.
2. Select your snap, eyelet or metal embellishment. Determine the correct TOP and BASE combinations ( see below) for the type of metal embellishment selected, and rotate to the correct position. NOTE: the correct position is where the letters are facing each other in the Crop-A-Dile.
3. Place snap, eyelet, or other embellishments in the hole. Line up the BASE of the Crop-A-Dile in the hole of the snap or eyelet and compress.
Note: The back side of your snap or eyelet may be bent, curled or look smashed, which is totally normal. Non-uniform crimping may occur depending on the type of metal embellishment used and how well you line up the tool when crimping. Warning: Failure to follow instructions for usage may result in damage of this tool and will void manufacturer warranty.
TOP and BASE Combinations:
A - 3/16" eyelet setter. For all 3/16" standard and over sized eyelets.
B - 1/8" round snap setter. Dish shaped for all 1/8" round standard snaps.
C - 1/8" eyelet setter. For all 1/8" standard and over sized eyelets.
D - Flat setter. For all over sized, miscellaneous and square shaped metal embellishments and snaps.
1 - Large/Extra large eyelet and snap flare. For all 3/16" standard and over sized eyelets and snaps.
2 - Medium eyelet and snap flake. For other non-standard and miscellaneous eyelets and snaps.
3 - Small eyelet and snap flare. For all 1/8" standard eyelets and snaps.
4 - Cone shaped flare. For snaps and eyelets where the eyelet tube is not completely hollow and for other miscellaneous cast metal eyelets and snap shapes.
Now that you know how to set it, what else can you do with the Crop-A-Dile?
  • To punch two different sizes of holes through just about ANY material (even metal), set the depth so that you get even spacing from the edge to your hole every time.
  • Punch extra holes in a leather belt.
  • Punch air holes in the lids of jars for kids to put bugs in.
  • Emboss little designs on a card (use setting A-2).
  • Of course set eyelets!


  1. Thanks for this info..I am thinking about getting a crop-a-dile.

    Sheena :)

  2. Lisa, I sure could have used these tips when I bought my Crop-a-dile. These are easier to understand than on the package. I finally learned how to use it and LOVE it! I'll make a note of your instructions though and keep handy on an index card - much easier description! Thanks! BTW, LOVE your banner pic - looks just like you! ;D

  3. Thank you Sheena and Terry! I hope my information is informative and useful. Often people have questions about different tools, but are afraid to ask.


Thank you for your kind words!

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