Freestyle Friday - What Does Papercrafting Do For You?

Hi Everyone! The weekend is here and now it's time for another Freestyle Friday question. What does papercrafting (cardmaking, stamping, and scrapbooking included) do for you? For me, papercrafting brings me joy and happiness and is a huge stress relief from my "day job". When I'm working on a project, I can escape from the rest of the world and just create. Some days are easier than others, but I wouldn't want to have it any other way. I love making cards and gifts and scrapbooking so my sons will have something to pass down to their children one day.
Now your turn. How has papercrafting impacted your life? Don't forget to leave a comment, you might just be surprised!


  1. For me, paper crafting enhances my decorative art. I love card making because I can create and at the same time ensure that no one receives the same of anything, if I want to . I love to doodle on cards, ATCs, canvas - then incorporate into a card. All forms of art for me are stress relievers...but I also like to do things that are one of a kind.

  2. I have to say paper crafting brings freedom into my world. It's a place I can escape to without boundaries, a place where I can be me. When I create a gift for someone, the joy in their eyes brings me so much gladness. I used to do that with my crocheted afghans and then found I could give to more with my paper crafting. It is a place I never want to leave.

  3. It is just plain ole' fun!! Sometimes "work" if I have to get ready for a workshop!
    Don't you wish you could have a snow day so you can stay home and craft!
    If I get my taxes done today, I can play tonight!!

  4. It is really fun and a big stress reliever for me. When I am making a card or some other papercraft project, my mind is only on the project at hand and how to make it better...not worrying about work, housework or any other things that may be bothering me at the time.
    It also brings me great joy to see the appreciation people have when they receive one of my handmade cards or gifts.

  5. For me, it is an outlet to relieve stress! I can go in my room and leave everything else outside! I truly enjoy it! It also gives me pleasure of giving! To watch someone's face when they see it and ask "did you make that?" brings a smile to my face! At that point they know they are special! Another reason is my daughter! She sees just how much she means to me everyday! She looks at them often! One day they will be hers!


Thank you for your kind words!

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