Tuesday Tool - Heat Tool

Hi Everyone! Today's tool is the Heat Tool also known as a heat gun. Use the heat tool with embossing powders, Heat & Stick Powder, and to heat-set pigment ink. However, there are many other uses for it as well.

Use the Heat Tool to:

  • Curl organdy ribbon. You can shrink the ribbon and make it curly by heating it for a few seconds.

  • Soften adhesive and take apart items that are put together wrong. Be careful with items that have snail and sticky strip as too much heat warps the cardstock.

  • Reheat hot glue that has already dried before an item is the way you want it.

What surface do you use to heat your projects?

  • Ceramic Tiles as a base.

  • Heat Tool Holders which allow you to work hands free.

  • Granite Kitchen Counters which are heat resistant.


Cover a clipboard with aluminium foil and clamp your project down with the clip. The aluminum foil reflects the heat allowing the powder to melt more quickly.

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