Christmas Card Tips - Christmas Card Timeline

Hi Everyone! Every Tuesday this past month I've been giving you tips on how to complete your Holiday Cards. If you are subscribed to my monthly newsletter, you also received a card planner to help you design not only your Holiday Cards but any other cards as well. My tip for today is a Card Making Timeline that will give you a general guide for completing and mailing all of your cards. Remember this is a "guideline", so don't freak out if you have not started. Enjoy!

6 - 8 Weeks Prior to the Card Event:

  1. Make a card list of who you want to send the cards to. Some crafters often send cards only to family and close friends.

  2. Decide on a basic design including the size, color, and sentiment.

  3. Compare your supplies on hand to your supplies needed to complete the cards. Make a list of supplies you need to purchase and also contact your friendly Stampin' Up Demonstrator.

4 - 5 Weeks Prior to the Card Event:

  1. Purchase the supplies including envelopes, address labels, and stamps.

  2. Arrange the supplies in one area or container so everything can be accessed quickly and easily as time permits.

  3. Start creating your cards, working assembly line style.

  4. Address and stamp envelopes. (You can save time by using the computer.)

2 - 3 Weeks Prior to the Card Event:

  1. Finish creating all of your cards. If time permits, you can add additional embellishments.

  2. Double check your cards against your original card list as you place them in envelopes.


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