Brads, Grommets, and Library Clips - Have You Embellished Today?

Hi Everyone! As you know for Week 3 Stampin' Up Deals of the Week , four different embellishments can be purchased at incredible prices. At first glance, you might think, why do you need any of these accessories. However, it is embellishments like these that take your card, scrapbook layout, or project from fair to fabulous.

Embellishments serve four purposes:
  1. Tell Something: They can tell the story on a page or convey a message on a card or project.
  2. Grab Focus: They can draw attention to the focal photo or object.
  3. Keep Your Eyes Moving: Embellishements become the "road map" to your project. For instance, brads can pull a reader of your scrapbook layout from the top right hand corner to the lower left hand corner without placing the focal photo in the middle of the page and creating the layout on the diagonal.
  4. Keep Your Project Interesting: Embellishments are that extra final little "touch", or Lagniappe as we say here in Louisiana.

Have you Embellished Today? If you would like to purchase any of this week's Deals of the Week click here.

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